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AGM 2023 and Incoming Executive

On December 9, we held our Annual General Meeting (minutes available here). Thanks to everyone who attended! We enjoyed sushi and snacks and democracy. Our chapter remains in good fiscal health and we’re excited to welcome a new exec member.

photo of sushi at the meeting

Please welcome our 2024 executive committee:

President Yeti Mallavi Treasurer Caitlan Wilson
Vice-President Shuaib Syed Secretary Anna Rayner-Grignon
Social media Zoe Maple Newsletter Editor Erica Long
Webmaster Joshua Rose

photo of new executive personnel - casual

Incoming executive at the Change-over Meeting on January 27

At the AGM, beyond our election, we also discussed the prior year – check out our 2023 Retrospective – and made some major announcements regarding Natsu Matsuri and Japanese classes.

Regarding Natsu Matsuri, many of you are already aware that this summer’s event was our Sunset Edition. This amazing event has outgrown our chapter’s capacity to organize and to fund, and so we have passed the baton to our community partners. Keep your eyes peeled for coming announcements on the future of the event!

Regarding Japanese classes, we were sad to announce that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has cut funding for the program worldwide. We were able to secure interim funding from CLAIR for this year. We are currently exploring alternative funding options, including grants and fundraising. We welcome any suggestions or contacts you may have.

Presentation from our outgoing president

Outgoing President Shuaib Syed was proud to show off the Ambassador’s Award for promoting Canada-Japan relations, which was awarded to JETAA Ottawa in August.

President shows award

Message from our incoming president

Happy Year of the Dragon, everyone! My name is Yeti Mallavi. I was formerly the vice-president and am now president. I’m excited to start this new role, try new events, and support our community in a variety of ways. If you have any events you would like to promote, as always, please feel free to share with exec@jetaaottawa.ca.

Douzo yoroshiku onegaimasu.