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DIGI-AKI Matsuri [2020 Version]

Welcome to DIGI-AKI! 

Join us on November 29 for JETAA Ottawa’s first ever DIGI-AKI, a celebration of Japanese culture online! Come discover and support Ottawa-based wonderful artists, performers and businesses, and learn more about Japan, Japanese culture and Japanese community! 

On this page, you will find the official link to the live event on November 29 from 1 PM as well as links to DIGI-AKI’s participants and partners. 

*Due to embedding issues, please click on the link above to watch the stream on YouTube. We apologize for the inconvenience. Enjoy the show!

Embassy of Japan in Canada

The Embassy of Japan in Canada, located in Ottawa, has been a close partner to JETAA Ottawa throughout the years. We are thankful for all their support and their continued collaboration for Natsu Matsuri and other events organized by JETAA Ottawa.

Oto-Wa Taiko

Oto-Wa Taiko is a Japanese drumming group with three decades of activity in the Ottawa region. The group was founded in 1989 by members of the Ottawa Japanese Community Association (OJCA). The names come from the Japanese words Oto (sound) and Wa (Harmony) and reflects the name of its origin in Ottawa. Oto-Wa has performed at many editions of JETAA Ottawa’s Natsu Matsuri, hyping up the crowd and giving the festival the feeling of a true Japanese summer in Ottawa.

Oto-Wa Taiko performs at events and in schools. They also offer workshops and training classes. (Workshops and classes are currently suspended due to COVID-19 health and safety measures in place).

Komachi Montréal

Based in Montreal and founded in 2007, Komachi Montréal brings traditional Minyo dancing to Canada with the goal of making Canadians experience Japan in a fun and unique way. Minyo dancing is diverse, with many songs and dances coming from all over Japan. Komachi Montréal is a frequent performers at JETAA Ottawa’s Natsu Matsuri and we are happy to welcome them once again for DIGI-AKI Matsuri!

Komachi Montréal performs at events and festivals. They also offer group classes. (Classes are currently suspended due to COVID-19 health and safety measures in place).

Budo Yoseikan Aikido

Practice empty-handed or with weapons, Yōseikan Budō or Yōseikan Aikidō is a form of martial art developed by Minori Mochizuki. Budo Yoseikan Aikido has performed at JETAA Ottawa’s Natsu Matsuri in the past, offering demonstration to the public and teaching about the technique directly to the people of Ottawa.

Budo Yoseikan Aikido has a dojo in Gatineau as well as the University of Ottawa.


Knifewear’s Knife Store (Hamono-ya) opened in 2008 in Calgary. More than a knife shop, they also offer expert knife knowledge, after-sale support and they love to share their passion for knives. Knifewear is a regular exhibitor at JETAA Ottawa’s Natsu Matsuri and we are happy to see this collaboration continue online with DIGI-AKI Matsuri.

Knifewear has stores in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Edmonton.

Melody of Japan

Melody of Japan Women’s Choir is based in the city of Ottawa. The group sings Japanese songs and brings a part of Japan to many events, notably last year at the National Art Gallery. JETAA Ottawa is very excited to have Melody of Japan join our event this year!

Melody of Japan is a part of the Ottawa Japanese Community Association (OJCA) who organizes and participates in events across the city throughout the year.

Ottawa Japanese Community Association (OJCA)

Ottawa Japanese Community Association is a non-profit organization established in 1976. Their mission includes maintaining and sharing the Japanese cultural heritage of the Japanese and Japanese Canadian communities in the Ottawa. For more information, consult OJCA’s webiste!

OJCA has been a valued partner of JETAA Ottawa for many years. They have been involved in Natsu Matsuri as well as other JETAA events for many years and we are happy to partner with OJCA again for DIGI-AKI!

Takako Segawa

Takako Segawa draws on traditional Japanese culture to inspire her career in contemporary dance. Her latest piece, “Echoes: Vibrations from Japan to Canada, is a work-in-progress funded by the City of Ottawa to celebrate Japanese culture in Canada. The theme is inspired by the chaos theory that even the smallest flutter of a butterfly’s wing ripples around the world to effect global change. Accompanied by taiko drumming, “Echoes” reflects years of cross-cultural pollination between Japanese and Western cultures, and commemorates the upcoming 80th year anniversary of Canadian-Japanese experience in internment camps.

Takako is a contemporary dancer and choreographer who owns Fluid Elements. She has toured Europe and Asia extensively, and currently lives in Ottawa with her family. Fluid Elements – Home | Facebook

Ottawa Shotokan Karate-Do

For over 15 years, OSKD has been offering Karate-Dō training to the people of Ottawa. Their focus on personal development both physically and mentally. OSKD has been a performer at JETAA Ottawa by offering demonstration their skills and technique in this Japanese traditional martial art.

OSKD offers classes for students who wish to start or continuer their training in JKA Shōtōkan Karate. (Classes are currently suspended due to COVID-19 health and safety measures in place).

The World of Japanese Ghosts – Painting Exhibition

JETAA Ottawa was happy to host the very successful exhibit The World of Japanese Ghosts – 日本の幽霊の世界 by Ms. Geneviève Dupont and Mr. Régis Orly last year at Natsu Matsuri 2019. Check out the PDF below for more information about the exhibit. Take a look at the website linked below to see more of Geneviève’s art and learn about chilling ghost tales from Japan and beyond!

Click here for the exhibit presented at Natsu Matsuri!

Click here to access the artist’s website!

JETAA OTTAWA 2021 Calendar

JETAA Ottawa’s Social Media Coordinator worked hard to provide JETAA Ottawa members and friends the first JETAA Ottawa 2021 Calendar! Stay up to date with Canadian and Japanese holidays while admiring beautiful sceneries from Japan with this beautiful and unique calendar. Download it now at the link below!


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