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Japanese Movie Weekend [FREE] Nov 3-5

JETAA Ottawa and The Japan Foundation, Toronto are very happy to welcome you to the free online screening of “The Restaurant in the Sky“. The movie will have japanese dialogue with english subtitles.

This online film screening is available for free from Friday, November 3, 5:59 PM (ET) to Sunday, November 5, 11:59PM (ET). After watching, please share your comments about the film in our short questionnaire.

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理は、 妻のこと絵、一人娘の潮莉とのしあわせな家族 3 人暮らし。自然に寄り添った食
つく。それは、せたなの おいしいもの を広く届けるため、一日限定のレストランを開く

Wataru lives happily with his wife, Kotoe, and daughter , Shiori, in Setana, Hokkaido. He runs a cheese factory and raises cattle on a ranch with a view of the ocean that he inherited from his father. His cheese-making skills are still mediocre, so he is constantly getting scolded by his strict master. But Wataru enjoys a good life with a group of like -minded friends that are always there for each other.
Then Kanbe, a young shepherd from Tokyo, joins their circle, and the friends find pleasure in “good food” that they produce themselves and share with one another. Then one day, a chef from a famous restaurant in Sapporo, who is attracted by their food, pays them a visit.

They are ecstatic that their products are made even more delicious by this chef, and together they start planning a one -day-only restaurant to spread their joy to other people.

Live and Teach in Japan: Deadline Nov 14, 2023

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme seeks to enhance internationalisation and enhance foreign language education at the local level through the fostering of ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth alike.


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