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16th Annual NM-2022 (August 28th)!

Time: 11am – 4pm
Location: 250 Somerset St. E, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6V6
Cost: Free

Performance Schedule

Embassy of Japan in Canada

The Embassy of Japan in Canada, located in Ottawa, has been a close partner to JETAA Ottawa throughout the years. We are thankful for all their support and their continued collaboration for Natsu Matsuri and other events organized by JETAA Ottawa.

Ottawa Japanese Community Association (OJCA)

Ottawa Japanese Community Association is a non-profit organization established in 1976. Their mission includes maintaining and sharing the Japanese cultural heritage of the Japanese and Japanese Canadian communities in the Ottawa. For more information, consult OJCA’s webiste!

Oto-Wa Taiko

Oto-Wa Taiko is a Japanese drumming group with three decades of activity in the Ottawa region. The group was founded in 1989 by members of the Ottawa Japanese Community Association (OJCA). The names come from the Japanese words Oto (sound) and Wa (Harmony) and reflects the name of its origin in Ottawa. Oto-Wa has performed at many editions of JETAA Ottawa’s Natsu Matsuri, hyping up the crowd and giving the festival the feeling of a true Japanese summer in Ottawa.

Kochi Yosakoi Ambassador KIZUNA International Team with KDC Ottawa

「Kochi Yosakoi Ambassador KIZUNA International Team」aims to promote Yosakoi in various countries worldwide and achieve international exchange under the guidance of Kochi Prefectural Governor certified ‘Yosakoi Ambassadors’ Emiko Tanaka and Takako Segawa.

Doremi Music Studio for Kids

Tateyama – Kendo and Iaido Club

The Tateyama Kendo and Iaido Club is a not-for-profit, self-managed organization dedicated to the practice of Kendo and Iaido.

Kendo and Iaido are modern styles of Japanese swordsmanship, based on traditional sword techniques. Each teaches a different but complimentary aspect of the sword, with Kendo focusing on two person kata and sparring, and Iaido focusing on individual, formal katas.

Men, women and beginners of all ages are welcome at any stage of development. They will find the Tateyama Club members to be helpful and supportive.

Budo Yoseikan Aikido

Practice empty-handed or with weapons, Yōseikan Budō or Yōseikan Aikidō is a form of martial art developed by Minori Mochizuki. Budo Yoseikan Aikido has performed at JETAA Ottawa’s Natsu Matsuri in the past, offering demonstration to the public and teaching about the technique directly to the people of Ottawa.

Budo Yoseikan Aikido has a dojo in Gatineau as well as the University of Ottawa.

Ottawa Kyudo Association

The Ottawa Kyudo Association aims to make kyudo an integral piece of Ottawa’s diverse culture and community; to promote the virtues of discipline, modesty, gentleness, self-restraint and reflection through kyudo and help others realize these qualities in their own lives; and to use kyudo to help others create well-being, train the body, and bring enhancement and cultivation to their lives.

OKA – Facebook page

Ikebana International

The objective of the Ottawa Centennial Chapter is to stimulate, cultivate, and perpetuate the study of Ikebana, and related arts and culture throughout the world. We do this locally by demonstrations and public exhibitions, as well as strenghten relationships among teachers and students of Ikebana through the adopted motto:

Friendship through flowers”

Shodo Journeys

Shodo Journeys is comprised of Ms. Johanne Léveillé and Ms. Yukari Snyder. Ms. Johanne Léveillé started practicing shodo in 1985 while living in Japan. She received a teaching certificate from Tokyo Daito Shogakuin (東京大東署学院). She is now based in Ottawa where she has participated in several exhibitions, including at the Embassy of Japan.

Ms. Snyder is a licensed teacher of Shodo and has received the gold prize in the Shodo Canada annual Japanese calligraphy contest. Their organization Shodo Journeys provides shodo lessons in Ottawa, which can be conducted in English, French, or Japanese.


Knifewear’s Knife Store (Hamono-ya) opened in 2008 in Calgary. More than a knife shop, they also offer expert knife knowledge, after-sale support and they love to share their passion for knives. Knifewear is a regular exhibitor at JETAA Ottawa’s Natsu Matsuri and we are happy to see this collaboration continue online with DIGI-AKI Matsuri.

Knifewear has stores in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Edmonton.

La brasserie San-Ô

“Koji Soupe” and its sister brand “Koji Labo” were started during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, by Noriko and Yota Suzuki, two immigrants from Japan. They are committed to bringing high-quality Koji products (specialty rice) to the restaurants, markets and consumers of Eastern Canada.

The World of Japanese Ghosts – Painting Exhibition

JETAA Ottawa was happy to host the very successful exhibit The World of Japanese Ghosts – 日本の幽霊の世界 by Ms. Geneviève Dupont and Mr. Régis Orly at Natsu Matsuri 2019. Check out the PDF below for more information about the exhibit. Explore the website hyper-linked above to see more of Geneviève’s art and learn about chilling ghost tales from Japan and beyond!

Click here for the exhibit presented at Natsu Matsuri!

C’est Japon À Suisha

Serving Ottawa with traditional Japanese Cuisine since 1974

Provides service products with a client-focused approach on all makes and models of vehicles, including Japanese imports.